the easy way to run a full Ethereum node on RPi4


Hardware needed:

  • Raspberry Pi 4, 4GB RAM
  • 16GB micro SD card
  • 3A USB-C power supply
  • 500GB USB SSD drive
  • ethernet cable
  • cooling case

RPi4GB of memory is a must, geth won't work with 1 or 2 gigs
SD card16GB or more
Power supplyit needs to have USB-C and amperage 3A or more
USB SSD drive500GB recommended. For example Samsung Portable T5.
Connect your drive to one of the "blue" ports (these are USB3):
Ethernet cablefor performance reasons don't use wifi
Cooling caseif noise is not a problem - go for an active cooling case (with a fan),
otherwise get a full aluminum case (aliexpress: raspberry pi 4 case aluminum).
I'm using the one on the left but if I had to get one again - I'd choose the other
one (and disconnect the fans when cpu-intensive tasks are finished).

When the Pi4 heats up beyond 80°C (176°F), the CPU is throttled to reduce the temperature. If the temperature goes up beyond 85, the GPU will be throttled as well. (source)